Keeping up with school work when you have depression?

I have very severe depression, and I’m falling behind in nearly every subject at school.
What should I do?

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  1. Get help for your depression, If you’re depression is severe, then you need medication and probably some therapy. If school is something you absolutely have no choice about and must do right now (and it really isn’t, but if you believe it is) just tough it out while getting help for your depression.

  2. i think you need to talk to your school about special education services people with mental illness can get special education services and it sounds like you need them you need accommodations made on behalf the fact your mental illness is severely affecting your education don’t be afraid for what’s right and getting services it would be illegal to refuse you services .
    hope i helped you and i hope you get the help you need

  3. Are you getting help for your depression? The best thing to do would be to start a medication (maybe a short course of Adderall?) and therapy and get less depressed enough to be able to do work. You will probably have to force yourself. If you’re getting help and things don’t seem to be improving, is it possible to get extensions from professors or teachers? Drop classes so you have a lighter load? If you are still in high school, then have your parents and therapist or doctors talk to the school and arrange it so that you can finish the year ok. Depression is a serious illness, just like Mono or the Flu, so they will understand. If you are in college, talk to your dean.

  4. The best bet is seeing a psychiatrist for a proper diagnostic and treatment. If for some reason that’s not an option or if you cannot afford therapy, read
    In many cases depression will respond quickly to the use of this treatments (within a few weeks), but if this still doesn’t work, see a psychiatrist; psychiatric treatment for depression involves antidepressants and usually but not always, therapy.
    If you are clinically depressed, you can’t be successful in school.

    Hope this helps. :)